Antigravity AG801 8-Cell Premium Lithium Ion Motorcycle Battery – Free Shipping!

$179.99 $161.99

Antigravity batteries work with all 12V systems, delivering over 2 times the power of and weighing 80% less than lead/acid batteries. There is a 3 year warranty included. The AG-801 Antigravity battery is non-toxic and contains no lead or acid. No trickle charging is needed. Get better starting performance at half the size of a lead/acid battery.


  • Built in USA
  • 12.8 Volt
  • 240 Cold Crank Amp to start
  • Extreme Light Weight Design – Only 1lb 9oz
  • Dimensions 4.25 length, 2.25 width, 3.75 height
  • Adhesive backed foam spacer blocks included
  • Capacity – 9 Amp Hours (PbEQ)


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